The City That Never Sleeps

posted : Saturday, December 06, 2008
title : Kakaiba talaga ang YFC family.
Awhile ago, it was the anniversary of CFC Davao at MTS(Matina Town Square). I was very excited because I could worship once again. But, when I got there, it was totally different. Maybe because, I brought along Emmy that has no idea what was the celebration was all about knowing that she is not a YFC(Youth for Christ). Don't get me wrong, I wanted Emmy to come along to know what we, YFC's do in an event such as this. I felt so incomplete when I left MTS. I didn't got the chance to worship, I didn't got the chance to say goodbye to my brothers and sisters though, I saw few of them at McDo-Matina. Bawi nalang next time. Kuya Earl still doesn't know my name. CHEN raw ako. :))

Walking around at MTS was fun for me since I've been wanting to go out just to stroll around. I don't know about Emmy but I surely did had fun. Plus, with tiangges around, it's a cherry on top. I bought a top for 35php. How cheap is that? If you really know how to shop and pick clothes well, tiangge is the place for you. Emmy and I are planning to go back there nextweek. Since, we saw many cute tops and dresses. ;)

I saw Jaju, the birthday boy today. Happy Birthday Alfred Jett Grandeza! Gino treated us a burger McDo meal. Thanks Gin! Unfortunately, we didn't had the chance to eat our burgers because we got full with the large coke and fries. Uneaten food are meant for other people. I wanted to give my burger to some kid that we might see outside McDo but, we didn't saw any. So, I brought mine at home and gave it to my brother instead.

Til the next blog, tata!
<33 Tenchi.

posted : Friday, October 24, 2008
title : First semestral grades...
Hey ho! What do you know? I saw a friends post of her grades. It gave me an idea to view it online. So, I logged in my account in our school site and saw my grades. Guess what? I flunked Math. Well, there's no doubt about that. In all the subjects that I hate, it's REALLY Math. Who would love the mixture of alphabets and numbers? Do you? Surely for me, it's a NO. I was already expecting the failed grade in Math. So, that's not a surprise there. And of course, my MAJOR subject, Computer Studies, I got 78 down to 72 down to 71. I know, it's sucks. But, I assure myself that I deserve those grades due to my laziness. There's no cure for that, you know! My only way now is to strive more harder this coming semester and to prove that I am deserving to be in my division as well as to be an I.T student.

As our Filipino prof told us, " If you fail, don't think that it's the end of the world. You still have many chances. " I agree to what he said. Those failing grades only mean that I should be more concentrated on my studies rather than my extra corricular activities--dancing. But... HELLO? Give up dancing? I grew up loving that! It's my passion for crying out loud! Why would I even give that up? GEE. The thought of having it getting in the way of my future, I guess, I could lay low for awhile. Right? It's my future we're talking about here. Would I ruin that just because of my passion? NO! AAAAHHHH! My grades should inspire me to work harder than what I gave. But, the thought of repeating the subjects? NO. I don't want to! Do I really have to repeat them? Hopefully, NOT.

I need luck, prayers and A WHOLE LOT OF WORKING to do this coming semester. SHEES.